What is Textured Certification

What is textured certification

Texture certification is a continued education training, that teaches licensed cosmetologists how to handle, style, and talk to clients about their Textured (curly/kinky )hair. Upon successful completion of the class, cosmetologist will be able to advertise their services to include the natural hair, curly hair community. 

 Texture certification will open your demographic of clientele very wide, from natural African American kinky hair, to mixed very wavy/curly/highly textured, to loosely curled and wavy hair clients that have already struggle to find someone that will care for and style their hair according to what looks good and is best for the health of their hair as opposed to what's best for the style. 

What are the benefits of textured certification

  1. More clients. Opening your services to include a niche market will greatly expand your client base. 
  2. Online Presence. Making you available to this particular demographic which has a strong online presence due to their dependency on blogs, from hair groups, YouTube tutorials, and research- they DEPEND on online information to get ideas, advice, and support for their hair. When you become Texture certified you place yourself right at the forefront of all of this information offering your services.
  3. Set you apart from your competitors. When you are able to offer services to a wide demographic or expand your knowledge into a specialty you set yourself apart from the competition. 
  4. Recover lost clients. Particularly in African American communities, most women who were using salon services regularly abandoned them and deemed them "the enemy" when they decided to transition into "natural styles". As most salon's didn't offer services that appealed to this process. You have the opportunity to replenish lost clientele to this trend and possibly even replace any losses you suffered to the economy. 
  5. Reclaim our Credibility as Professional clients are relying on uTube and the one dimensional demonstrations and produce pitches by NON PROFESSIONALS. Many of whom have become the “go to” for information by product company who’s more invested in their vast followers.



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